What is the art of giving? How to make a difference
What is the art of giving? How to make a difference

What is the art of giving? How to make a difference

art of giving

(Little long but worth the read) I received this story as a forward in one of my groups and I have posted it as received. Thanks to the person who first published this story. It made me think what is the art of giving and how do we make a difference in someone’s life.

Do we wait till we are successful and have money and means to make a difference or can I start with whatever I have?

This story made me realize it is the intent and the inner belief that matters more than anything if you wish to make someone’s life better.

The art of giving

I got on the bus. I got upset seeing the crowd inside. There was no place to sit. Just then, a person vacated his seat. The man standing next to the vacant seat could have sat there, but instead, he offered me a seat.

The same thing happened again at the next stop. He gave his seat to another. This happened 4 times during the whole journey. The man seemed like a normal worker, returning home after a long day’s work… At the last stop when we all got off, I talked to him.

“Why were you giving your seat to someone else every time you got a vacant seat.

His answer surprised me :

(The intent to make a difference in someone’s life)

“I haven’t studied much in my life and I don’t know many things. I don’t have much money, So I don’t have much to give to anyone. That’s why I do this every day. This is something that I can do. This is easy for me.

Standing for a while even after working all day is not difficult for me. I gave my seat to you and you said *thank you*. It gives me satisfaction that I have done something for someone.”

I do this on a daily basis and feel that I am contributing in some way. This way I come home every day refreshed and happy that I gave something to someone.”

I was speechless!!!

My takeaways on what is the art of giving and how do I make a difference

The desire to do something for someone is the ultimate gift.

This stranger taught me a lot – How easy it is to become rich from within!

Beautiful clothes, lots of money in a bank account, expensive gadgets, accessories, and luxuries, or an educational degree – you don’t need to wait for them to make someone happy.

*You can start with a small act of giving and it is enough to give someone happiness and this, in turn, makes you feel rich and happy every day*.

make someone happy

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