Reinvent- the new buzzword- but how?
Reinvent- the new buzzword- but how?

Reinvent- the new buzzword- but how?

reinvent but how

Reinvent the new buzzword. At the workplace, on television, among friends, and everywhere there is a conversation. Today in the newspaper there was a column by a famous columnist and the title- reinvention -the new game. The situation around us has created this buzzword.

“Why reinvent the wheel” oft-quoted comment when I try to disrupt something that is working like well-oiled machinery with the monotony that goes with it. When I heard everyone saying oh! we need to reinvent ourselves. It made me put on my thinking hat.

Do I reinvent or not?

What is reinvention?

I reflected and decided to define reinvention for myself

What is reinvent and how?

A Change in my work pattern- I thought WFH( another trending word) was impossible for my kind of work but realized it is possible for most. The mad commute and stress are avoidable for me.
Dining out is a necessary part of my life- sorry that went out of the window too. I can manage homecooked food for months.
looking around made me realize that I have tons of stuff I never missed that can be disposed to declutter my space (inside and external)
I started to blog! which is a personal reinvention. ( I was always skeptical whether I could write or not).

How can You call this reinvention? most of my friends who read the draft post asked me. Yes, my list is not reinvention as one expects it to be. These are the changes in my pattern of work and living which have now become habits.

This is my list that I have just started to compile. Pick up your pen and start to make your list to discover what reinventing means for you and you will realize you have already started the process.

Happy Sunday and a wonderful week ahead.……….

reinvent yourself


  1. Anirudh Gullapalli

    This was an easy read. While one might argue why fix something that isn’t broke, you remind us that reinventing doesn’t really have to be from the ground-up, it can be an upgrade too.

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