The Top 5 self-affirmations- A step towards growth
The Top 5 self-affirmations- A step towards growth

The Top 5 self-affirmations- A step towards growth


Hi everyone, happy Sunday! Want to get going! Self-affirmations are necessary for growth.

Tired of this phrase, at least I’m. Makes me feel why should I get going? Aren’t things going well? Why should I always have to do something more? But that is called growth. Growth in your personal space, relationships, organization, or wherever you are at this point. We need self-affirmations-as they are a step towards growth.

At least one person is looking up to you and thinking if she can do it, I can too?

Positive vibes and self-belief help us grow. Affirmations are a good way of reinforcing our beliefs and thoughts. They become a part of our conscious thoughts and a way of life.

One can list self-affirmations for different aspects of their life like,

growth in relationships

career growth


Let’s start with self-growth as the goal.

And to make it simple-repeat these 5 affirmations to yourself every time you are awake.

*I will smile

I will smile – just for being alive on this particular day. Gives me an opportunity to live life again and try something that I didn’t do yesterday.

*I will try something new

I will do one small task I haven’t done before-maybe as simple as changing a light bulb. I will experiment even if it is something silly.

*I am grateful for my blessings

I will list my blessings at the end of the day. express my gratitude to all those who touched me and were a part of my day.

*Imperfection is ok-I am unique

I am imperfect- so be it. It’s called unique

*I’ll live in the present

I will gain more perspectives to get the complete picture (remember the 5 blind men and the elephant story)

To sum it up here are the top 5 self affirmations that you can repeat to yourself:

I will smile

will try something new

grateful for my blessings

I am unique

I’ll live in the present



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