Everything is in the mind
Everything is in the mind

Everything is in the mind

If you want to fly with the eagles, you have to stop swimming with the ducks.”

Get the OUT out from Doubt and you get DO
Get the Out out from Doubt and you have DO

Success, failure, possible, impossible everything is in the mind. All of us love reading stories and they have a major impact in shaping our thought processes. Why not read a story to get some motivation to kickstart the week. A thoughtful story that forces us to think. Do we listen to people around us who are discouraging and make us feel it is an impossible goal or the inner voice that tries to tell us to do it, It’s not impossible?

Once upon a time, some frogs decided to race up a mountain to watch the view from the top. They were pretty much tired of the view from ground level and wanted to see a different world. So on a bright Sunday morning, all the frogs desirous of taking part gathered at the foothill. And crowds gathered in large numbers to see this unique race. If we have crowds, there are bound to be advice and opinions. So lots of well-meaning advice came the frogs’ way when they started the race.

Hey guys, you are too tiny to run this race.

It’s a mammoth task that even seasoned players can’t accomplish.

Do you guys think you can race to the top?

So we all know what happened, frogs dropped one by one out of the race except for one frog who kept climbing up.

Now even the dropped-out frogs joined the crowd in giving out well-meaning advice. However, the lone frog continued and finally, after three long hours’ made it to the top. Boy! was he rewarded-

Yes, what a view. It was worth every step the frog had taken

So now comes the more important question, what was different about this frog? He was tone-deaf to the naysayers around him and stayed focussed on his course.

That brings us to the question-

How many of us in life encounter such naysayers?

And what is our response…..

Do we course correct at every instance to the extent that we forget what we set out to do? or do we choose to stay with our beliefs and convictions and set out to achieve what everyone thinks is impossible.

kickstart your week

Happy Sunday!

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