When is the right Time?
When is the right Time?

When is the right Time?

I have always wondered when is the right time to begin….

I’m too busy…..

Nah! this is not me

We resonate with these thoughts even before we start something or, the idea of getting to do something has crawled into our heads. Louder than the thoughts are these echoing, pounding words that form statements that make us shut out any teeny tiny inkling to embark on a journey of ideas.

 I have learned that there is no time better than now because we all know it’s always Now or Never.

All of us would have watched children and, in their world, the word later never exists. Everything is now. I have now come to realize as adults’ we need to follow that thumb rule as showing patience ( way to say procrastinate) is what we have done so far.

So whoever you are and whatever you aim to do- learn a new skill, drive, call your parents, paint, or something as simple as having a cup of coffee undisturbed do it NOW

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